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Current Projects

Creation In Progress

As leading garden designers in the Solihull area, we have a number of projects currently in progress.

Current Projects: Welcome

Updated as of 14/08/23

We strive to create beautiful and comfortable spaces for people to pass through, live in, and relax at. Through a carefully planned decision making process, innovative design techniques, and open communication, We are able to create spaces that meet the needs of our clients. Take a look at some of my most recent projects.

A design for a delightful country garden overlooking a neighbouring lake. 

 The Arbour & Hedge Garden was designed to rectify a garden that had just had two very large conifer tree removed.

It is of a classic English design and has encouraging wildlife at its heart.


As a large open space with lots of family use it’s the perfect combination between design and practicality.

Current Projects: Recent Projects
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