Current Projects

Creation In Progress

As leading Garden Designers in the Solihull area, we have a number of projects currently in  progress


Updated as of 19/03/22

We strive to create beautiful and comfortable spaces for people to pass through, live in, and relax at. Through a carefully planned decision making process, innovative design techniques, and open communication, We are able to create spaces that meet the needs of our clients. Take a look at some of my most recent projects.

Gym And Hot-Tub Garden, Solihull

A  design that is to house a luxury gym and hot-tub building. It is a family garden planned for entertainment and relaxation day and evening.

painred copy cropped.jpg

Natural Country Garden, Wythall

A design for a delightful country garden overlooking a neighbouring lake. 

Arbour & Hedge Garden, Solihull

 The Arbour & Hedge Garden was designed to rectify a garden that had just had two very large conifer tree removed.

It is of a classic English design and has encouraging wildlife at its heart.


Three Section Roomed Garden, Solihull.

A very long garden that has been designed in three different sections.
The first a formal area, then a hot-tub Mediterranean part and then a wild-flower garden leading to a summerhouse.


Arena Flowers Central Distribution Depot Reception Frontage, Droitwich.

a redesign of the steps and garden of the reception area of an industrial unit to be colourful and vibrant all-year round and to encourage wildlife.


A Town Garden, Olton

The Flower Garden was designed with a modern and clean look that is both dog friendly and beautiful.


Large Family Garden, Dorridge

As a large open space with lots of family use it’s the perfect combination between design and practicality.


Summerhouse Pavilion Garden, Olton

It was a delight to work on the mature Edwardian Garden in Olton and design a fitting Summerhouse to complement it.
The structure has a area for storage and an area for recreation.


Hot-tub Garden Haseley

A garden with a tropical feel yet in a traditional English country house setting.
A greenhouse and vegetable section are screened by a curved yew hedge.